Why wig types short hair is to test the highest standards of color values?


What is the highest standard test color values? I feel preferred or short hair, only the hair cut short you can see that the wig types¬†hair was covered live, everyone’s visual focus also returned to your face, that look To the color value is absolutely true!

Japanese wig types short hair mushroom head, heavy tailoring perfect modified head type, perfect for the face of sister, even if the bangs cover half face looks very stunning.

This is the first ultra-short mushroom color killer, Qi ears wig types short hair not only to face a small, both sides of the bones can not be too prominent, high-cheekbones sister can only see.

Or such a wizard short hair, eyebrows above the broken bangs, plus both sides of the ultra-short cut fresh by age, want to stay this wig types short hair, no color value you dare?

In the now popular wig types hairstyles, like Suwon Hiroko so short-haired short-haired short hair was more popular, fluffy sleep awake lazy design is very feminine, the color value is not high may be like aunt.

This very significant sense of literary and artistic in the sub-neck short hair is also very need to Yan value, do not want to become a traitor head, both sides of the care is very important, in the wig types hair can be layered when the buckle to increase air, give people a Kind of very ethereal temperament.

So slightly messy sense of wig types short hair is also the first choice of fashion, the bangs and both sides have increased fluffy sense of repair Yan better, tail end buckle sweet and intellectual, weakening facial defects.

A sub-neck short hair, just wrapped in the cheek of the design is actually very significant sense of maturity, tail wig types hair volume will not seem too monotonous, with makeup look even more feminine.

The current popular wig types short hair, this shape was the most classic hair from the bang to the end of the hair showing a sense of hierarchy, the back may have been made shoulder-length hair, but still front is seductive wave head, pear hot design highlights light cooked wind, Suitable for OL.