What do you think about vogue human hair wigs?

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There are several many more natural hairstyles rocked by women in the past, until the influence of the media. Women embraced weaves and vogue human hair wigs that at some point,women were ashamed of rocking their natural hair. They invest so much money in weaves.

The media has greatly influenced what beauty is these days, most especially the vogue human hair wigs, because of the influence of the media and standard of world’s beauty, some people are body shamed for being curvy. Although we do not use the word curvy in Nigeria, we use the word fat.

Another aspect is the vogue human hair wigs, somehow some people believe that lighter skinned women are more beautiful than darker skinned women. According to World Health Organization 77% of Nigerians bleach their skins, even men are included in this. Lightening skin products sell so very much here because of that.

Those are all the vogue human hair wigs I could think of, anyway. And remember— I don’t really fit any of those, and I’m considered attractive in China. And not everyone follows those beauty standards, either.