What do you think about hairpieces for women?


This goes for the hairpieces for women on your head, and on your face, as well as any other body hair. Get your hair on your head styled and cut/trimmed so that it has some shape to it, and keep it clean and healthy-a hairstylist can help with this by not only styling your hair so that it is flattering to you, but recommending products that will work for your hair type. Keep the beards/mustaches, sideburns, eyebrow hair, ear hair, and nose hair neat and trimmed and clean.


Baggy clothing is really sloppy looking. Get clothing that fits you and flatters your particular build, in other words, clothing that highlights the good and camoflauges the bad. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Wear clothing appropriate for your age and station in life. Hopefully, that will mean more jeans, sweaters, dress shoes and hairpieces for women, and less sports jerseys, athletic sneakers, oversized jewelry, and backwards baseball caps.



This means get your life under control. Show us you are a grownup by holding down a job, meeting your obligations in life whatever they may be, by how you handle your money, exhibiting some manners, not flying off the handle and prone to getting into fights, and how you handle life’s ups and downs. hairpieces for women want MEN, not BOYS, and a man handles his business. If you’re a frat boy, get that under control, a man with some gravitas is always more attractive than a man acting like an adolescent. End that.


white tube socks and too-hairpieces for women as a matter of course, you are only doing yourself a disservice by trying to emulate Jerry Seinfeld. Leave the trainers at the gym  and invest in a pair of real leather loafers or oxfords.