What are some good human hair wigs?

Synthetic hair fibers are fine threads manufactured to resemble human hair wigs. Manufacturers may use single type, monofilament fibers, or a combination of two or three, polyfilament, fibers, Acrylic or polyester is used to make some fibers. Wigs and hair extensions, which are constructed of synthetic hair, are more affordable than similar items made from human hair. An extensive search revealed three U.S. patents which addressed the process of manufacturing synthetic hair for wigs, the process of manufacturing locks of hair from synthetic fibers, joining synthetic hair, and a method of producing wear resistant synthetic hair.

Due to the essential purpose and assistance that human hair wigs serve in the proverbial wardrobe, their region in the fashion industry has been stretched to vast varieties available to choose from and, to choose appropriately for one’s self, a person must be well informed about wigs and their different types. The two main are natural wigs which are expensive and made of human, horse, wool or buffalo hair.
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