What type is the best 100% human hair wigs for American wigs for women?

If you ever ask a question in the form:

You’ve over-generalised, prejudiced, stigmatised or perhaps even racially profiled. Never ask a question in this form. It makes you look like a wigs for women, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, or in particular just a jerk, depending on your question.


It is mostly expected of wigs for women to have floating locks of hair, so usage of additional hair pieces is not something that a female would think twice about.


Not to be too critical, but generalize much?  Basically the usual degree of human creativity and concern for beauty, a desire for respect, and a way to show individuality.   You know, wigs for women doing their own thing.

Before you ask why, ask if. Do you really think ALL AFRICANS do this thing you’ve mentioned? Really? All of them??
The explanation: standards of beauty are different around the world. Some women in  nations use wigs for women quite frequently because that’s a standard of beauty that they appreciate.


Almost every wigs shop provides wigs for women for little kids to old age people! But the question is about the quality on wigs of the wigs shop you choose!
Like many questions of the form you’ve used, This is a question that really has no answer other than “just because that’s the way it is”. An alternate question would “why do white wigs for women use makeup so much?”


It’s like it makes some women feel good about themselves, since long straight wigs for women has always been the epitome of beauty. Our short kinky hair is never appreciated and seen as beautiful… rather it is termed nappy.


This wig story can be discussed for days, many women do it for many reasons. I don’t really like it, because usually I feel that many wigs for women do it for validation in terms of beauty. But maybe they just prefer it to their natural hair.