The ultimate trend of women short real hair wigs tin foil perm type!


Tin foil real hair wigs the ultimate trend, fluffy abundance, dynamic, well received by the wave of people love, I do not know if you like it?


Girls hair short wave has been very cute, to both sides of the real hair wigs done after the tin foil hot, showing the curl of the way to add a little playful sense, and the overall hair becomes more fluffy three-dimensional moment, very eye-catching.


This is a relatively small tin foil real hair wigs type, after perm, hair fluffy, elegant, but not exaggerated, but increased a lot of soft beauty. Cut the tail of the tail is very air-conditioned, shape close to the trend.


Qi Liu ‘s tin foil hot short real hair wigs set fashion and cute in one, supple straight bangs and curly hair on both sides of the sharp contrast, highlighting a contrast the United States, the hair looks very fashionable sweet, but also a little fresh Feel it!



And ear tin foil hot short real hair wigs cool, stylish, very suitable for cool girls, fluffy hair top dynamic, can be visually elongated your face, so that you even more thin, cut the design sense of Qi Liu full score, Giving a very refreshing and hearty feeling generous.

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