The most popular women welcome the air Liuhai Korean short hair hair type

This year the latest design of the Korean air Liuhai short hair hair types fashion cute, much girls welcome, in the end how their charm, you come to see to know.


The length of exactly and cheeks of the Korean short curly hair cover the first class, fluffy hair types tail very face, modify your face so easy, and then with an air Qi bang, it is more fashionable.


Big and simple hair types of Korean air Qi Liuhai short hair in the shape will not be too exaggerated, only the tail of the volume hot, so that it is the formation of natural buckle appearance, really both good and face it!


Korean style Liu Hai egg head short hair fashion, cute, very young, so by the girls are welcome, especially with the delicate makeup and youthful hair types after the dress is even more Meng.


Recently, South Korea is very popular water ripple short hair, this one is! Water ripple curly hair style presented by the volume of hot arc is very natural, soft, and the combination of irregular air bangs, just highlight the whole hair types with the sexy, very cool.


Super classic Korean air Liu Hai short curly trendy wild, basically not out of date, after the hot tail of the package has become the face, can help face the beauty of the meat easy face-lift, plastic effect so strong a hair types, everyone How can not love it!


This year, these five Korean air Liu Hai short curls hair types the most fashionable good, welcomed by the beautiful women, who is absolutely who cut the tide!