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The most vogue wigs pear in the sub-head in the buckle long wigs for women

Pear head in the deduction in the long wigs for women:

In the long pear wigs for women style looks very sweet in addition to very fashionable, but also repair the face, especially in the end of the hair button for pruning treatment, the more you lengthen the face to the neck line, so you never Of the thin.


From the beginning of the volume under the scalp wigs for women curls showing a curl and curvature of the buckle, layer upon layer, very layered, elegant and a little playful, the amount of supple before the vertical sub-bangs very face, and cover the meat , The whole hair is very plastic Yan.


In the sub-but also with a sense of air a little bangs fashion sense of good-looking, close to the trend, in the long-wigs for women pear hot buckle perfect modified MM from the face to the shoulder lines, but also increase your sense of charming, Of the feminine all distributed out.


Irregular pear head in the distinctive personality, giving a wigs for women more stylish and with the feeling of the inside of the buckle in the length of moderate length, simple and neat, plastic Yan degree just right, with the hair after the highlighting, the deep Brown linseed yellow hair color is very special, especially fashionable.