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Lace front wigs hair fine fashion more generalized age

As a new era of girls, of course, is the beauty of the, but how to care for the lace front wigs hair can be added to your beauty icing it? Today for the girls recommended several Liuhai tingling hair, fine fashion more by age.


Small round face girl is suitable for a side of the lace front wigs hair, bangshou cut into thin bangs of the shape, with the ah must be sweet smile, fashion more wild.


Keep the lace front wigs long hair of the mushroom cool, you know how to take care of hair look good? This thin bangs hair long hair, with exquisite little face, even more fashionable and pleasant.


A natural black hair lace front wigs, a simple care into the blooming side of the hairline, white face, revealing a sweet smile, even more pretty and pleasant.


Round face girl is suitable for a Qi Liu made the lace front wigs hair of the bilateral hair, with a white face, sweet smile, even more full of fresh Smart Fan.


Looks sweet and pleasant girls, you know what hair for their own? This three seven of the fluffy twist braid hair, revealing the sweet little face more pleasant.

French lace front wigs for busy work no time to make-up of you

In today’s streets, girls in addition to air or air bangs bangs hair! And the recent popularity of the French lace front wigs really as a stream of clean as interesting!

Although the air bangs are now the most popular girls hairstyle, but if you do not want to follow the crowd, you can try lazy with the nature of the French lace front wigs shape, really will make people see like !


In fact, French lace front wigs and air bangs have one thing in common, that is, are very natural sense of elegance, but the French bangs are more casual. Fashionable bangs different bangs shape the pursuit of neat planning, it bangs pruning the density and arc are very natural, not too flat, and the length just to the eyebrows, but will not stop the eyes. It also has a very interesting literary name, called French Fringe ( “French side children”). The biggest difference with the air bangs is that it is a small triangle arc, and air bangs are the shape of the arc.

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Leia Cedou
Must have seen the movie “Mission Impossible” friends and Xiao Bian, like the blonde of the play “cool killer” Leia impressed. Very glossy in the long hair is very taste, with a unique French bang is less feminine by age, curvature of the bangs but also repair Yan face, just right of the hairstyle to lace front wigs out her elegant Fan.



Sophie Marceau
French actress Sophie has always maintained a romantic lazy French style, but also in the hair. Are fluffy abundance of lace front wigs shape, and it is French French bangs will show the style of the French women one by one, messy lace front wigs also for Sophie highlights charming and confident female charm.



Girls lace front wigs shape no longer “rotten street” air bangs slightly! Try the lazy French bang feel free, you will not have the same surprise !


In the pear head of the lace front wigs style picture appreciation

Do you like to split the pear head? If you like, it may wish to look at the pear head in the wig style pictures.
Bai Fu Mei in the sub-pear head wig
High popularity in the sub-pear head lace front wigs, hair tail fluffy show, lazy and charming, high-temperature silk true to nature, to show your charming temperament.


In the sub-Liu Hai pear head wig
Fashionable and cute in the pearhead pear head lace front wigs, pear roll fluffy repair Yen, dark brown youth and color, with frame, lovely and dynamic, quite a non-mainstream feel.


Toris / peach silk in the pear head wig
Very suitable for ladies in the sub-pear head, hair lace front wigs tail was fluffy pear-like, while the repair is also very good-looking Yan, and such a pear head in the split will not be too exaggerated, for those quiet beauty girl!


Short hair pear wig
Want to try a short pear head? That this lace front wigs for you, pear within the volume repair Yan, wig unique curvature is very charming, with the points and with the hair, lazy and stylish, very good look!


Today said here, I hope these can help you!

Lace front wigs how to get 6 steps to get sweet doubled

This is the effect of wearing a wig after the lace front wigs, wearing a Qi Liu’s hairstyle even more sweet and pleasant, if mm want to try a new different bangs shape, then take a look at how to use wigs to create a new shape Well.

Wig how to bring operating procedures
Step1: first in the sub-sub-points, lace front wigssmooth after the black hairpin fixed.


Step2: the other side is also fixed with a hairpin.


Step3: wigs out of the lace front wigs.


Step4: to buckle in the forehead and fixed.


Step5: this time the bangs have been brought to the lace front wigs, but it seems not real enough.


Step6: with a comb to comb the hair, with their hair natural cover the hairpin and the lace front wigs node.


Then lace front wigs to wear you. Is not very natural?

Finally, you can also wear a hair band or hair circle, not only make mm look more sweet and pleasant, but also to cover the junction of lace front wigs, even more natural bangs.

How do I style a human hair lace front wigs?


Virgin human hair lace front wigs or full lace wigs mean wigs made of virgin hair and manufactured with a mesh lace in front. The lace extends outside the hairline and reaches from one ear to the other. The lace is deliberately kept longer than desired when making the wigs. This allows them to be trimmed and fitted so as to create a new, false hairline. Virgin hair lace wigs have the lace on the front part only; therefore they cannot be styled into ponytails. These wigs give the scope for trying out a variety of hairstyles since the lace goes around the back, thereby creating a seamless hair line.

The glue for human hair lace front wigs is applied on the forehead and the scalp so as to stick the lace to the wearer’s skin and create a seamless natural hairline. Since it is in constant contact with the wearer’s skin, the glue chosen should not be irritating to the skin. Virgin hair lace wigs are frequently preferred by celebrities since they are almost impossible to make out and, when properly applied, blend in seamlessly with the natural hairline.


Wash your human hair lace front wigs. The gentler, the better. Put the wig on a wig stand.
Comb the hair of the wig with a detangling comb. Don’t comb the base of the wig or the mesh where the hair is attached.
Roll the wig with hair rollers while it is still damp. You may use a spray bottle filled with diluted setting lotion or water to keep the hair moist as you work with the hair to style it. This will help the hair to adhere to the rollers and give a good curl to the ends of the hair.
Dry the wig. Either let the hair air dry overnight or place the wig and wig stand under a hard hat dryer. Keep the setting of the dryer low. It will take 45 minutes to 2 hours for the wig to dry depending on the length and thickness of the hair on the wig.

Take out the rollers once the human hair lace front wigs is completely dry.
Style the wig to your liking using gentle strokes with a comb or wig brush. Spray a light mist of hair spray or spritz to seal the curls and the style.


You can mini-style your wig every time you wear it, with your fingers and human hair lace front wigs, very gently. If knots have accumulated at the ends of the wig, pick apart the knots by starting near the end of the hair and working your way back to the top. You can even use a little spray-on leave-on wig conditioner to help detangle the hair. You can use lukewarm curling iron, dryer, or rollers of the proper size to re-set your wig’s curls. If you prefer a straighter style, just take 1″ sections and run your flat iron over them. Why did my Human hair wig lose its style after I washed it? The factory style in Human hair wigs are made by setting and not by perm. Therefore, the style will always wash out of Human hair wigs.

Remove the wig from the wig stand and try your freshly styled human hair lace front wigs on to see how it looks. You may need to add a few finishing touches to personalize the style of the wig to fit your face.