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Why we say dangerous are hair extensions for short hair?


Although hair extensions for short hair have become extremely popular among both celebrities and normal women, hair extensions make new controversy. Experts say they should be banned, because they have a devastating effect on hair.


I can contradict these controversies because my wife uses for a very long time hair extensions for short hair and had no problems whatsoever. So if you need more information follow the link above mentioned.

Hair extensions for short hair, that transform the particular thinnest head of hairright into a luxurious hair by adding volume level and length, are actually quite the actual trend. Hordes of celebrities tend to be rumored to put on them. Made from human being hair, synthetics or mixed blends, hair extensions could be added separately, in groupings or by clip-on technique. In the strand-by-strand method, small tufts of hair are attached to sections of natural hair. In the weft method, a curtain of hair is attached horizontally.

Actually,it depends on what type of treatment you use; weaving in, heat fusing, gluing, clamping with metal rods or using waxes and polymers.Basically they use some kind of chemical to adhere the hair to your hair extensions for short hair. Even if people say that it doesn’t damage their hair, it does. You may not see it, but overtime, your hair will be unhealthy. if you really want to consider it, use clip in extensions to see how it goes.

here are a few different ways of applying hair extensions for short hair. Clip ins are wefts of hair with small barrettes that simply clip in to the clients hair and are reusable. Fusion extensions have a synthetic keratin bond, an applicator that heats up is used to soften the bond and is attached to a small section of hair, then the bond is flatted with a flattening tool, So Cap Original offers the flattening technique, other times the bond is rolled between you thumb and index finger, Beaded extension have a tool that is like a needle treader, you thread a small piece of hair slipping a bead on to the hair push the hair extension in to the bead along with your piece if hair and flatten the bead with a tool that resembles a pair of pliers. Pure Hair Extensions offers this type of extensions these ones are also reusable where as fusion extensions are not.


Tape hair extensions for short hair are strips of hair that have an adhesive already on the wefts of hair, you take sections place an extension on top of your section of your clients hair then on the bottom, you press the pieces together with a flattening tool “sandwiching” the clients hair in between. You can also have a weft of hair that can also be beaded in like Pure Express Hair Extensions.