Super beautiful 2017 bride hairstyle


Each girl married before the parents of the princess, married after her husband’s queen, and how can the Queen of your after the crown it? After doing your bride hairstyles, do not forget to wear in the top of the crown dedicated to your crown, so that the embodiment of the noble lady married.


This is a bride hairstyles is very simple, first of all you have to tie all the hair up, and then tied into a ball head, and finally you only need to fix the crown in front of the ball bar can be.


At first glance, you know that this is full of layers of a bride hairstyles, this design can make the whole hair looks more refined and noble, the amount of both sides of the natural sagging hair on both sides can increase the beauty of modeling.


Small classic crown shape bride hairstyles ornaments look very cute, just with this playful cute style half-horse tail hair complement each other, so that you are more lively in the day of marriage.


Elegant fishbone braids are one of many bride hairstyles favorite hairstyles, which looks simple and generous. Liu Hai Sanqi partial, with the effect of face repair, and finally put on the crown hair hoop, you can fix the whole hair, but also make your hair more beautiful.