Small girls mushroom head short hair

Mushroom hair type gives the feeling is simple and refreshing, is like a lot of short hair sister’s preferred hairstyle, and mushroom head style and diverse, not the same design shows the same style, then for the lovely simple student is more suitable for mushroom head What? Take a look at the little girls for the mushroom hair type are!


If you are a student, I suggest you stay straight short hair mushroom head, easy care, save time, simple pruning Qi Mei Liu and fine sunglasses with up to bring a different feeling. Shallow chestnut hair in the sun, it is very shiny, just supple hair, to create a delicate face, fresh and sweet temperament is charming too!


A sweet and straight hair mushroom head, short hair cut to the chin, and neat bangs together, the girls fleshy cheeks wrapped, look cute and cute, shallow chestnut hair added hairstyle Soft degrees, people feast for the eyes


An irregular amount of mushroom hair type, irregular cut in the short hair showed a spot at the uneven lines, that fragmented Qi Mei Liu bang look a bit messy, it is natural and not contrived, supple hair through the light Department of hair treatment, it is more soft.


Sweet with a little bit of soft and natural feeling of the mushroom hair type, from the bangs to the hair has a volume of fluffy, elegant temperament to enhance rapidly, short hair wrapped in cheeks, showing a three-dimensional facial features, So that the whole shape to show a fresh and elegant little girl temperament.


Very personalized a short hair mushroom head, Cen difference Qi Qiu cut out fresh sense of the back of the brain surface than the tail of the tail to be short, very personal and yet pure feeling, oval face, You can try this under the mushroom head Oh.