Simple womens wigs head method is fresh and beautiful

What is the simple pan head method? The temperature of the hot, long hair beauty may have to eat bitter myself! Here to teach you a very easy to learn the method of womens wigs buns, only need a big hair circle, you can make long hair roll, can change Get a lot of cool!


Simple pan head method
Steps / methods
1 first womens wigs hair combed together after the right hand into a cauda equina;

2 will be set in the top of the womens wigs hair bundle, the left hand will be distraction, the right hand to the hair as far as possible to the right edge of the circle closer;

3 left womens wigs hand advantage of the left part of the circle will be twisted upward, was sideways “8” shape, while the fingers will send the left half of the circle as far as possible;


4 right hand the womens wigs bundle from the side of the scalp, from bottom to top around the left hair circle below, and then left hand in the hair circle to seize the hair bundle homeopathic turn inward, right hand to the root of the hair from the bottom On the fishing

5 right hand holding the womens wigs bundle, around the layer that circle around the circle, around can not be around so far;

6 left hand took the end of the womens wigs bundle, the right hand will be set in the left hand on the right side of the hair circle to pull, as far as possible all the coiled hair are wrapped into a simple fresh hair on the comb.