Short hair bobo hairstyle show the latest short hair bobo pictures

Short hair lob to what kind of style in front of everyone, is the intellectual Lob? Or sweet lob? Today I bring you a short hair Lob hair temptation, take a look at it.


This is a fashion lob mostly in the photo or fashion week or a catwalk or something, we can imagine its popularity. The use of dog bite bangs design, with the abundance of casual Short hair, fashionable to create a high-grade Lob head.


This sweet lob, sweet and full of flavor, fantasy pink hair color, girls will be easy to sketch girls breath full. General use in cosplay or shoot art photos, of course, this hair color in Europe and America is the explosion of Short hair.


Authentic foreign style lob is also popular with girls favor. The entire section of Short hair with Taidi curling hair treatment, design hair fluff fluffy fluff volume, the visual has been a lot of fans. Grandma gray hair is not only white, but also times the trend of girls fashion.


This Short hairwind lob is not only the aristocratic party dress, but also for the use of the wedding, high-end atmosphere, elegant and noble. With flowers on the hair ornaments and hats, very lady temperament.


Suitable for student party Lob hair, heavy Qi Liu, Wai Qiao curls (30 ° volume), with a yellow Short hair color, highlighting the students clean and pure temperament, simple nature, literary Fan bursting.