Neutral handsome Short hair female hair

Want to go neutral wind MM may wish to come see, for their own election of a good-looking new Short hair hairstyle.


Want to go neutral wind MM is very suitable for this cut is full of casual lazy sense of Short hair broken hair, the hair does not have to trim too short, slightly after the hot, let the hair become more fluffy type, very handsome.


And ear Short hair natural refreshing, with positioning hot stereotypes, your hair will be more three-dimensional, pruning crushing oblique Liuhai personality full, there is a certain plastic Yan effect.


This is a handsome Short hair type, stylish chestnut hair color is very good-looking, but also help the skin was white, very suitable for a small face with you, properly properly neutral wind!


Silver air and bangs Short hair length is moderate, fashion dazzling, both for boys, but also for girls, no boundaries, girls cut this hairstyle is absolutely handsome unique.


Oblique bangs of neutral Short hair hairstyle handsome, but also very repair the face, come a texture hot, your hair is even more with a sense of flu, the natural fluffy hair tips also help elongate your face, so you are more thin .