Meng turn all the Korean version of LORI Short hair!

When you can Zhuangnen sell Meng, you cherish it, or you will grow old, and cut a Korean LORI short hair, Bao Bao you can Meng turn all the people Oh!

Korean version of LORI short hair


Fresh and thin air is full of short hair is now Korean girls hairstyle is one of the favorite, in particular, has a girl with a small melon seeds can be tail hair tail to go out, it is full of cute cute sense.

Korean air Qi Liu Haibo wave short hair is absolutely Lolita their standard, Qi Liu Haimeng Meng da age, face fat some girls can also choose to buckle to tail to repair the face, so that your baby fat will disappear without shadow Without a trace.


Panax septum Liuhai original mediocre, but when you will be on one side of the bangs Xiuping, the other side of the bangs cut after, it will become full of personality, a sense of messy short hair tail gives a sense of fashion and playful , Just for Lolita.


Korean Qi Liu and shoulder perm is also the beloved of many students MM, and then infected with a chestnut short hair color, it is so cute and stylish, slightly curly hair styling will not be too exaggerated, can give a simple feeling.


Air Qi Liu Feng Meng Meng fashion, so that a public Lolita had to love, hot volume of the tail showing a large wave of curvature, wrapped in MM’s face, just cover the meat was thin, so big face becomes smaller, Little face short hair┬áis more refined.


This five Korean LORI short hair fashion water cute, just to Meng turn all the people, are you ready to change their hair?