Lace front wigs how to get 6 steps to get sweet doubled

This is the effect of wearing a wig after the lace front wigs, wearing a Qi Liu’s hairstyle even more sweet and pleasant, if mm want to try a new different bangs shape, then take a look at how to use wigs to create a new shape Well.

Wig how to bring operating procedures
Step1: first in the sub-sub-points, lace front wigssmooth after the black hairpin fixed.


Step2: the other side is also fixed with a hairpin.


Step3: wigs out of the lace front wigs.


Step4: to buckle in the forehead and fixed.


Step5: this time the bangs have been brought to the lace front wigs, but it seems not real enough.


Step6: with a comb to comb the hair, with their hair natural cover the hairpin and the lace front wigs node.


Then lace front wigs to wear you. Is not very natural?

Finally, you can also wear a hair band or hair circle, not only make mm look more sweet and pleasant, but also to cover the junction of lace front wigs, even more natural bangs.