Lace front wigs hair fine fashion more generalized age

As a new era of girls, of course, is the beauty of the, but how to care for the lace front wigs hair can be added to your beauty icing it? Today for the girls recommended several Liuhai tingling hair, fine fashion more by age.


Small round face girl is suitable for a side of the lace front wigs hair, bangshou cut into thin bangs of the shape, with the ah must be sweet smile, fashion more wild.


Keep the lace front wigs long hair of the mushroom cool, you know how to take care of hair look good? This thin bangs hair long hair, with exquisite little face, even more fashionable and pleasant.


A natural black hair lace front wigs, a simple care into the blooming side of the hairline, white face, revealing a sweet smile, even more pretty and pleasant.


Round face girl is suitable for a Qi Liu made the lace front wigs hair of the bilateral hair, with a white face, sweet smile, even more full of fresh Smart Fan.


Looks sweet and pleasant girls, you know what hair for their own? This three seven of the fluffy twist braid hair, revealing the sweet little face more pleasant.