In the pear head of the lace front wigs style picture appreciation

Do you like to split the pear head? If you like, it may wish to look at the pear head in the wig style pictures.
Bai Fu Mei in the sub-pear head wig
High popularity in the sub-pear head lace front wigs, hair tail fluffy show, lazy and charming, high-temperature silk true to nature, to show your charming temperament.


In the sub-Liu Hai pear head wig
Fashionable and cute in the pearhead pear head lace front wigs, pear roll fluffy repair Yen, dark brown youth and color, with frame, lovely and dynamic, quite a non-mainstream feel.


Toris / peach silk in the pear head wig
Very suitable for ladies in the sub-pear head, hair lace front wigs tail was fluffy pear-like, while the repair is also very good-looking Yan, and such a pear head in the split will not be too exaggerated, for those quiet beauty girl!


Short hair pear wig
Want to try a short pear head? That this lace front wigs for you, pear within the volume repair Yan, wig unique curvature is very charming, with the points and with the hair, lazy and stylish, very good look!


Today said here, I hope these can help you!