How do you make a lace wig cap types?


First, you need to make the cap from netting. Create darts in the cap to accomodate the shape of the head. The starting at the nape (bottom) you ventilate 1-4 hair into each hole in the netting. Ventilating is done using a very tiny hook that captures 1-4 hairs and can tie them into a knot similar to a latch hooked rug. Work your way up the base, then when you get to the top, you will tie according to how you want the lace wig cap types to fall, ie. parting etc.

Once you have finished all the ventilating, you need to seal the knots with knot sealer. It is a difficult and time consuming process and if you are inexperienced you will lose a lot of lace wig cap types in the process. It takes years to become a good ventilator and LOTS of patience.
There are two basic lace wig cap types that people can choose to wear: those made from natural human hairs and those that are made from synthetic fibers. Both varieties have obvious advantages – human hair wigs can give you a very natural look while synthetic wigs are a lot easier on the budget. Whether you choose which one you need for taking care of it. Below teach you the ways to make your full lace wigs look natural.


Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar

Synthetic lace wig cap types  have a shine that alerts everyone that it is a wig. This rinse is a great option for human full lace wigs . Apple cider vinegar will get rid of the shine, soften the hair and gentle cleanse. Simply add 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of water that you wash your full lace wigs in. If you wash your wig in a bowl that holds 8 cups of water, add 8 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Why not regular vinegar? The acidity in vinegar helps to break down dirt from styling products in the wig. However, it does not soften the hair. The natural acidity and enzymes from the apple will soften hair and get rid of shine on your full lace wigs.


Brush with Baking Soda

After you dry your full lace wig cap types, brush it with a light sprinkle of baking soda. Baking soda acts the same way as the apple cider vinegar by reducing shine. Place a teaspoon of baking soda on the brush and brush through the full lace wigs. Make sure to evenly and thoroughly brush through the full lace wigs . This will allow the shine to be the same all around.


Baking soda is also a great way to quickly get rid of shine from your cheap full lace wig cap types when you are on the go. Sprayed too much wig sheen? Forgot to wash the lace wig and now it is too late? Simply brush through with the baking soda for quick and effective results.