Girls short hair type,neutral handsome style


As the saying goes, turnip greens, have some love, some girls like to stay long hair, naturally some girls like to cut short hair.


Do not dare to try short hair of the girls, may wish to try this short bangs short hair, dark brown hair color, white face, cute fashion and good-looking.


A straight suit jacket, with a brown line on the oblique short hair bangs, a white rounded smile, fashion Xiuyan more playful.


Very suitable for round-faced girls, a dark brown line of oblique bangs short hair, white and smooth a smooth face, fashion repair Yan more tender.


2016 girls what the main popular hairstyle? The dark brown short hair, partial design, fashion supple and easier to take care of.


If you want to try short hair, then this short hair fluffy forehead hair, you can experience Oh, brown hair color, fashion and white.


Chestnut hair, simple to create a fluffy oblique bangs short hair perm hair, white and tender face, with a red shirt on the line, fashion and sharp.