Girl wearing a vogue wigs should not do?


Now, a little background story. This (Spoiler alert!) myth was perpetuated by our grandmothers, who heard it from their mothers and grandmothers (I’m suspecting they might have had something against showers in the past, because they also said that wet vogue wigs could cause a cold). They thought that taking a shower would cause painful menstruations, as drastic changes in temperature would increase menstrual cramps (At least in my country). Even drinking cold liquids or walking barefoot wasn’t adviced for people during their periods, and they even had a word for the phenomenon; “Enfriamiento” (Chilling). Enfriamiento was used as an explanation for several types of pain and illnesses. From back pain, to sore throats, to muscle pain, and even headaches.


Is this true? No, it’s not. You can shower all you want during your vogue wigs. It won’t affect your health in any way, and it won’t cause menstrual cramps either. But I understand how deep these beliefs sometimes run. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve told this to my grandma, she still arrives with thick socks, warm tea and hot water bottles whenever someone mentions menstrual cramps (the remedies to “Enfriamiento”).


This idea was probably sensible a long ago in cultures where vogue wigs was only washed in rivers and/or communal baths (too keep blood out of common water and the not-so-clean, likely harsh soap containing water out of the female parts which may be more sensitive at that time) – that’s how my grandma explained.


I actually do feel irritation if I get shampoo or soap on my intimate area during my period, so I prefer to time my vogue wigs washes away from the heaviest days – but if you aren’t very inflexible there are ways to wash hair without getting shampoo there, so I still can wash it without an issue if needed, just need to pay a bit more attention to what I do. Of course, I also dislike having blood dripping all over my legs and the shower while I am washing my hair, but that can be washed away in the end (or avoided by wearing a tampon, or even wearing a pad and panties and being careful).