Girl ‘s mexican egg hair or human hair wigs new swept 2017

Do you want to change your hairstyle? Or else change the sweet and human hair wigs volume how? Not only can create a fluffy hairy hair effect, but also Xiuyan face-lift Oh! Do you like it?Egg head, is a fluffy full of hair, but also play the effect of repairing young age, so many girls are very like this type of hair. This period Xiaobian brought five latest girls egg roll hair, take a look at it!



Brown hair design for girls to fully show the white and transparent good skin color, light air human hair wigs sweet million, with a rich short volume design allows girls to show a unique elegance and generous sense of just right hair length also Can play a face-lift face-lift!


Black and beautiful black hair styling is the most natural fresh, because the egg head of the human hair wigs perm design makes this girl hair in the overall shape looks more full and full of type, and the brow above the Qi Liu location to the whole hairstyle Japanese-like sense of cute, very unique.


Neat human hair wigs is simple and agile, in the sub-Liuhai design charming and good-looking, and then accompanied by heavy abundance of short volume design will make girls add youthful vitality, at the same time there will be a simple Yan Yan effect, So that melon-like little face is more refined three-dimensional.


Not willing to long hair but want to try the egg roll head shape can actually Oh! Beautiful long hair style coupled with neat and delicate egg human hair wigs roll head design, so that the whole hair are filled with warm and bright female charm, no bangs more refreshing fashion, showing the girls graceful feeling, very beautiful.Egg head can be said to be an upgraded version of pear head, both with elegant and generous temperament can also have the charm of clever Smart, is simply love can not!