French lace front wigs for busy work no time to make-up of you

In today’s streets, girls in addition to air or air bangs bangs hair! And the recent popularity of the French lace front wigs really as a stream of clean as interesting!

Although the air bangs are now the most popular girls hairstyle, but if you do not want to follow the crowd, you can try lazy with the nature of the French lace front wigs shape, really will make people see like !


In fact, French lace front wigs and air bangs have one thing in common, that is, are very natural sense of elegance, but the French bangs are more casual. Fashionable bangs¬†different bangs shape the pursuit of neat planning, it bangs pruning the density and arc are very natural, not too flat, and the length just to the eyebrows, but will not stop the eyes. It also has a very interesting literary name, called French Fringe ( “French side children”). The biggest difference with the air bangs is that it is a small triangle arc, and air bangs are the shape of the arc.

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Leia Cedou
Must have seen the movie “Mission Impossible” friends and Xiao Bian, like the blonde of the play “cool killer” Leia impressed. Very glossy in the long hair is very taste, with a unique French bang is less feminine by age, curvature of the bangs but also repair Yan face, just right of the hairstyle to lace front wigs out her elegant Fan.



Sophie Marceau
French actress Sophie has always maintained a romantic lazy French style, but also in the hair. Are fluffy abundance of lace front wigs shape, and it is French French bangs will show the style of the French women one by one, messy lace front wigs also for Sophie highlights charming and confident female charm.



Girls lace front wigs shape no longer “rotten street” air bangs¬†slightly! Try the lazy French bang feel free, you will not have the same surprise !