Fashion girls play wigs for women


Wigs have become the new wave of people dress up the “artifact”, you want to Variety of hair, wigs for women is the most simple and stylish choice, the sense of air Liu, wigs are damp people sought after, the following look at the most popular 2016 Wig pictures!


Air pear roll wig
This wigs for women hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle this year, a large hot air sense thin bangs, with pop pear rolls in the long. Not only face-lift there is a very good repair Yan effect, by age and wild, cute cute, so you instantly transfiguration.


Gradient color wigs
If you want personality tidal range of children, then you must try the gradient color of the wigs for women, whether it is Europe and the United States or Japan and South Korea’s stars love wigs, chasing the trend of you quickly try it!


Ball head wig
Seasons balls are the most classic wigs for women all year round, never out of date, it is suitable for girls with small hair, tie a high head of the ball particularly cute fashion, the most important is by age.


Modern Fan wig
Lady Gaga, Huang Yi have worn this personality wigs for women, heavy texture very modern Fan, but in daily life seems too exaggerated, but if you are enough personality, you can try to give people fashion tidal range atmosphere.