Fashion girls in winter long hair simple or generous

In the cold winter, many girls are dreaming that they can have a long hair fluttering hair, used to fluttering long hair girls can try this winter’s long hair Oh, not only temperament but also warm. If you also want to have a simple and generous winter long hair, then do not miss this article yo!

Presumably no girls do not love the United States it, but also in the cold winter fashion eye-catching. Walking in the street, to see the gorgeously dressed girls, youth, who want to dress the United States and the United States some, here recommended several simple and generous in the winter girls hair long hair, let you display the most beautiful side. Come and see slightly!


Low-key simple in the long hair, in the sub-long hair supple and elegant, random Zhaqi from the ball head, with free flow into the sub-Liu, filling out the shape of the dynamic, Under the irradiation showed a white complexion. Very nice!


Elegant and generous in the long curly hair, Smart side with the abundance of long hair on the increase of the overall elegance temperament, one after the release of the loose hair, with light-colored hair, showing a mature fashion girls side, Sub-bangs design, easily exposed the delicate facial features.


And Audrey Hepburn with the section of the design of the exposed brow Liu, is a very simple and unique in the exposed brow long hair, uneven eyebrows bangs designed to show the girls unique personality, with that supple flowing elegant In the long straight hair, simple yet elegant. Yan value of high you can try.


This simple and generous in the long straight hair, neatly in the bifurcated clear exposing the hairline, abundance supple in the long hair to trim the hair tail, looked elegant, and then with the retro plaid dress, So that the whole shape is full of Chinese style.



Full of small fresh sense of the winter long hair, Zhaqi lovely cute pigtails on both sides, thin air bangs design, full of pure feeling. Ear on both sides of the natural scattered hair curls, Smart and elegant, so that the whole shape to show a full of pure sweetness.