Fashion girl favorite little hair short hair type


Small hair short hair style exquisite fashion, super good-looking, has always been fashion girl’s favorite, want to know why it is so pleasing, you must point to see.It is time to give you the short hair for the new tricks, let it look better, this time there are fashion girls love small hair short hair to give you, small volume design short hair just red, fashionable as you, how can you miss!


Twenty-eight small hair short hair fashion and simple, and light Mature is very match, then the side of the hair should not be in the ear, you can look good jaw lines perfectly revealed, so that you elegant and domineering coexist.


From the bangs to the tail are very light air sense of the small volume of short hair highlights is with the nature, lazy atmosphere, the whole hair fluffy, three-dimensional, very personality.


Twenty-eight partial points of the bangshen small volume short hair simple and generous, is a very Yan Yan of a hair, the upper natural straight + micro hot and lower hair tail tail hot design is very good, hair volume transition is very natural, the whole Hair style gives a very comfortable feeling.


Will be short hair into a small curly hair, your hair will become three-dimensional Penghua, doubly abundance, and very fashionable. Broken cut Qi Liuhai personality playful, obviously more interesting than the traditional Qi Liu, more eye-catching, this way, your small hair short hair type is more special.


Girls small volume short hair can be so fashionable exquisite, super attractive, love pretty small series has been deeply in love with it, you?