Different from the hair of the hairstyles for long hair

If you want to stay a long hair, and hope that can be a little bit, may wish to choose a hair long hair hair type. Sassoon hair hair is not only easy to take care, but also very unique, the following to pick a suitable for their own hairstyles for long hair it!


Cut Qi Liu’s girls are lovely, and cut Qi Liu Haisha hairstyles for long hair girls than Qi Liu’s girls more silk charming. Thick Liu Hai cut and eyebrows flat, highlight the girls Smart big eyes, hair volume and fluffy hair rounded round full, so that the whole shape is very three-dimensional, long to the waist of the broken hair tail loose and not messy, dark brown Of the hair is not only fashion also appears sister skin white, it is different.


Sassoon straight hair hair, hair vertical without the slightest sense of confusion, three or seven hairstyles for long hair shape the proportion of exquisite face, knife-cut hair tail neat neat, from the back to see the hair as a waterfall-like vertical, black Hair color natural and simple, highlight the girls generous indifferent atmosphere.


Did not expect the second element of the bangshe and Sha Xuan hairstyles for long hair is also a ride Not very Qi short bangs exposed forehead and eyebrows feel particularly pure, facial features also highlights the special three-dimensional, and then with a waist and the Sassoon straight hair, simple and full of Reiki, full of Sen female atmosphere. But Xiaobian think that unless you are very short face is very small, or bangs do not recommend scissors too short, or will appear particularly long face.


I believe that every little girl will want to have a curly hair so that they become feminine some, but also worried about the hair after the hair becomes dry and frizz, then you can come to a Sassoon long hair hair type. Sassoon and the long curly hair combination of the two complement each other, through the hair of the hair salon hair has become shiny and shiny, so that the curly hair showing a perfect wave of dynamic, partial Liuhua design fresh and comfortable, incidentally repair Yan was thin, so that Sassoon Long hair hair is not particularly suitable for you want to curly hair?