Cosplay God for your own demonstration of cosplay wigs how to shape

Like cosplay you must have a variety of cosplay wigs, but how do you know how the wig is best? If you do not know, and so on cosplay God for you personally show how the best shape of the wig!

Preparation tools: hair net, hairpin, wig


First of all, we need to take care of our hair, make it more docile, and then put on the hair, all the cosplay wigs in the hair network, remember to cover your hairline!


And then hand to catch the tail of the hair network, gently pull it up, adjust the location of the cosplay wigs network, then we have to adjust the thickness of the hair thickness caused by the use of hairpin fixed hair network.


When wearing a cosplay wigs, we need to use both hands to withstand the inside of the wig, let it in full swing and then worn on the head. After wearing the wig, we need to adjust the wig position and take care of it.


Need to strengthen the cosplay wigs shape of the small partners, take the right amount of water wet wig, and then use the hair dryer hot air dry, and finally use the right amount of stereotypes gel or spray evenly applied to the hair can be.


Tips:1, for the cos fake stereotypes, the use of cosplay wigs dryer hot air temperature should not be too high, or easy to make the wig loss of moisturizing, become dry and frivolous.


2, as much as possible to choose a mild temperament stereotypes for the fake stereotypes, so as not to damage the cosplay wigs, so that your wig shorter life expectancy.


3, cos finished, please remember carefully take care of your cosplay wigs, after cleaning the wig must be kept dry, careful storage.