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What prompted wigs for men to decide whether to wear a to go out?


When people started to have real wigs for men care. Wigs were at their peak when hair was disgusting and the gentry wore their hair close cropped with a wig over it for fashion.


By ‘ wigs for men‘ I mean the full-on head coverings that were conventional in formal settings from early-mid 17th century through to about 200 years ago. Evidence for them seems to disappear in portraits between about 1800 and 1830.

I was wondering if there was some established history for their disappearance in ‘society’.


I don’t mean toupees that are intended to look like wigs for men, and I’m aware that the British legal system still uses them in formal court settings.


Wigs actually came into use because people did not bathe regularly, and a wig covered dirty wigs for men, lice etc. Of course, in time the fashion caught on, and wigs were designed to impress others. There were even wigs made for ladies that had bird cages in them…yuck!


As with any fashion, trends change. wigs for men were very hot in those days and comfort eventually ruled out wearing the full head covering.


Wigs for men went out of fashion with the French Revolution. To be frank, it was only an aristocratic habit, not like the butcher, baker and candlestick maker wore them.


With the overthrow of the aristocracy fashion moved from the artificial court appearance to a more bourgeois style, more no-nonsense and no frills.