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Which one wig suits me best?

That’s depend on your head shape,facial shape and  the color of your skin,and must consider personal love,if you have white skin,blue eye,the blond wig will suit you well.


Wash your wig in a sink or basin — never in a washing machine. Mix cool water with the wig shampoo according to the directions. Wig shampoo cleans fibers gently and thoroughly.

And if you have black or yellow and some other dark skin,then you need turn to the .darker color wig instead of blond wig,the prettywighair will provide you many style wigs,  celebrity wig,African American wig,real human hair,there is one you will like I think.


These quick and simple bootleg wig account are admirable and not alone advice to adorn your hair but as well will save you hundreds of dollars. There are so abounding abundant account that you can go with, and you apperceive that you are extenuative your hair from acrid chemicals.


If it’s a synthetic material wig, just wash it in mild shampoo about once a month, comb it to restore shape and remove tangles, and let it completely air dry. If it’s a natural hair wig, wash it about once a week and style it as you like. In either case, when you are not wearing it, store it on a wig stand to keep it well shaped.


You can condition your wig every couple weeks or so, to keep it shiny and soft. Make sure you don’t do that every day and be sure to rinse it all out or it could lead to build-up in your wig.


Only wash your wig after wearing it for 25 times. If you do this daily or even weekly, it can lead to your wig looking less realistic and falling apart.