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2017 youth shortening short hair hair speed get, protect your tender girl sister

2017 the latest design of the youth by the age of shortening hair made it! Want to change the young first from the beginning of a short hair from the beginning, to ensure that you cut the hair after the tender girl sister.



Lovely lotus leaf is to enhance your sweet temperament wins the big move, regardless of your age are applicable, instantaneous age. Hot curly, pompus shortening hair full of three-dimensional, hair tail natural buckle, repair face so easy, and finally with an irregular bangs, personality bursting, really how to see how good.


Air shortening short hair is very common, but as long as you spend some thought, seemingly random barbed a half Zama head that is full of youth Fan children, let you lead in a temperament on someone else a big cut.


In the sub-water ripple short perm this is very fashionable, in particular, will be a small part of the bang after the hot roll about, the air feeling shortening successful get, also added a bit pretty sense, this time put on a girl full of clothing and clothing To a matte finish, who is it and your tender!


Black oblique Liu Haibo wave pure and generous, carrying age-related function, it is a lot of students like the shortening hairstyle sister, look good after you get the absolute super-tender. And this hairstyle is particularly suitable for me like this do not like the hair dye girl, take care is also more simple.


Youth is not used to recall, but to create, in the young clothes and makeup, you may wish to put your shortening hair tied into a half ball head, so that you are from scratch to the feet are new, young 5 years old More than, they might let people mistakenly think you are a student sister it.

No matter how old you are, these youth by age of hair cut shortening hair by age will only be more noticeable tender, tender every minute of it through school girl!