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Invincible no buckle in the bangs in the short hair styles

There is a short hair-shaped plastic invincible hand, let people see on the heart, its name is called no buckle in the bangs short hair styles, as to how hard it, you see the following side can understand.


Hairstyle also talk about temperament, and this shape three-dimensional full of buckle no bangs in the short hair styles to give people full of literary and temperament elegant impression, large wave of the buckle tail in the interpretation of introverted fashion sense, and very good To modify the chin to the neck of the line, 100% plastic Yan.


Messy style no bangs in the short hair styles level, air feeling homeopathic, thin hair at the hair thin hair, tail tail after the micro-hot to the buckle, instant face, and then in the face of deep linen color hair The whole hair tide to the extreme, very eye-catching.


The hair in the short hair styles after the water ripple more beautiful after the United States, but also more fashionable, perm hair tail just inside the button-like, allows the original too fluffy hair to be convergence, the perfect retouch from the forehead to the neck of the line , Invincible!


Pure black in the points without boring short hair styles fresh, simple, it is not fancy, so it will be better than any short hair to wild, from primary school students to Mature can easily hold it, slightly buckle hair Tail is very face, especially for the same as Jojot want to go through the hair plastic Yan was thin girls.


No bangs in the short hair styles can make the hair more clear line of the line, highlighting the distribution of the symmetry of the United States, the upper straight hair at the bottom of the buckle design is very personal, there is a certain effect of blocking the meat, and hair dye linen After more in, and absolutely meet the tide of the aesthetic.