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2016 autumn and winter short black wigs these small fresh short hair Baikanbuyan

Season, the boys will worry about the  short black wigs, this fall season, which is more suitable for them? Xiao Bian recommend the following small fresh short hair, let your face value of more points.01

First, we recommend a men’s mushroom head, handsome flowers like thick bangs cover the forehead, more compelling fashion, you do not want your mother too, you can also cut short bangs Jarhead, shorter sides refreshing cool.Wait until the cold when giving her short black wigs  back to expose your forehead called handsome yet.


Carve short black wigs is this year’s flagship men’s hairstyle popular models, like water ice on the buckle carved with black short hair refreshing seductive, simple yet Fan art.


Bangs a little longer when the short black wigs, fluffy carved retro design lets you change Obama seconds! Boys hairstyle popular explosion models comma bangs, bangs up after blowing blown recurved, fashionable Western style.


When you want to change the shape of all of this can be blown up, exposing the forehead bangs fluffy significantly higher and more handsome. Or both sides shaved so short black wigs, Mohicans + shovel green design allows you to change second wave of men, personality pull wind. Cute cute texture short black wigs, bangs hot layering repair Yen more fashionable, the ears prominent Linjiananhai temperament.