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The most fashionable Spring Festival pear hot buckle real hair wigs for women

Ewha perm type, has been loved by the girls, not only simple but also easy to outline the gentle temperament temperament. Want to double the charm in the Spring real hair wigs for women, the deduction seems to be a very good pear blossom choice.


1, a brown line within the real hair wigs for women, giving the first feeling is very gentle, long hair at the end of the buckle in the buckle design for the whole shape adds a soft, with the air Bangs with it more Xiuyan face-lift.


2, short pockets of hot pear real hair wigs for women is also very suitable for small fashionable girls Oh, in particular, was sweet atmosphere. C-style hair tail fluffy, better modified face, with a charming air bangs, even more lovely. Dyed a brown hair fashion as the Department of embellishment, the whole shape instantaneous bursting.


3, a simple and fresh short-haired real hair wigs for women hair type, natural supple short hair, just at the end of the micro-volume within the buckle design, you can bring a whole sense of freshness. The air bangs with the whole shape is played a bonus role, very small fresh.


4. This small fresh short hair real hair wigs for women hot in the Spring Festival is very suitable for student party, supple short hair just at the end of a simple buckle design, with the broken Qi bangs, it is very natural and fresh. Wearing a beautiful bow hair ornaments as embellishment, but also for the whole shape to add a touch of sweet atmosphere.


5. In the sub-bang real hair wigs for women will be better to show a little face perfectly, but also add a trace of maturity. In the bifurcated after a slight hot until the short hair to the end of hair, a very radian sense, with the fashion with the hair, highlights the unique charm of the girls.

Beauty of you, still hesitant what? Quickly in the spring for their own choice before a most fashionable buttoned real hair wigs for women inside it!