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why real hair wigs are so much nicer than natural hair?


Real hair wigs are very important for those who have no hairs or very less hair on their heads.I had really good service from I can’t believe on the wigs they are so soft and looks natural which matches with my natural hairs. I love this service and surely purchase again from here. They have wigs made up of natural hairs and very nice in quality.


Modesty has nothing to do with being unattractive.The natural -hairsĀ covering was never intended to make a married woman look ugly. Beauty is a divine gift, and tradition encourages both men and women to care for their appearance and always look presentable. Jewish tradition also encourages modesty; not in order to detract from our beauty, but rather to channel our beauty and attractiveness so it be saved for where it belongs — within marriage.


By covering herĀ natural hairs, the married woman makes a statement: “I am not available. You can see me but I am not open to the public. Even my hair, the most obvious and visible part of me, is not for your eyes.”


The real hair wigs has a profound effect on the wearer. It creates a psychological barrier, a cognitive distance between her and strangers. Her beauty becomes visible but inconspicuous; she is attractive but unavailable.


The real hair wigs achieves the desired effect exactly, because a wig allows a woman to cover all her hair, while maintaining her attractive appearance. She can be proud of the way she looks without compromising her privacy. And even if her wig looks so real as to be mistaken for natural hair, she knows that no one is looking at the real her. She has created a private space, and only she decides who to let into that space.