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What are some natural hair styles?

Natural hairstyles are what people call styles for natural hair styles that is natural, not straightened, flat ironed or texturized. It’s also called Black hair or Afro hair.

An expert hairdresser has the technical expertise to provide a natural touch to your natural hair styles. There are different natural hair styles for short and long hair. For short hair protective updos look very natural and elegant and also shield the delicate structure of the hair from external elements.

In general terms, the natural hair styles that may suit a person depends a lot upon the hair texture. Sometimes the texture of the hair is such that it becomes difficult to style it in a fashionable way.

Just a simple trim to get rid of split ends twice a year. The back is cut to a point so it looks longer from the back but, all natural hair styles Don’t know what they call it because they always try talking me into some other style.

this journey began with tumblr and Pinterest. On both sites, I would look up pictures of black women with natural hair styles and various curl patterns. I found the most beautiful pictures that showed how amazing black hair could truly be. It was then that I realized that black hair wasn’t “nappy” or “coarse” just because it didn’t look like the hair that I saw on television. It was breathtaking. I hope that helps! It can be so hard to learn to embrace your natural hair, but it’s so rewarding once you finally do.