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Which is the best long hair styles for a long face?

The best styling option for long hair styles for a formal business look is to wear it up and covered in a headscarf. Hijab projects a smart, focused look, and takes less time than hair styling.

Long face usually falls under triangular shape or squarish.
Both have a slightly different long hair styles suiting the face. Triangle face can rock undercut hairstyle. Undercut can be faded or disconnect depending on your personal choice. Though for square shape faces I don’t really support undercut style, try to have slight medium length on the sides, use length on top use variation and style to create u prefer.

In today’s office you will see many different options with long hair styles worn by today’s businesswomen. There are many variants on the ‘bun’ updo that work for the office, and some people just wear their long hair natural, but well brushed.

There are n number of ways how you can work it out. But lately I remember Indian cricket team’s captain doing it in best way possible and experimenting with it. It also depends on your face shape, different long hair styles have diff outcomes when it comes to relating then with face shape.

Mircrobraided long hair styles can also work in a contemporary office setting. As always you can be a little more daring in one area if you step back more conservatively in another area of your wardrobe. Bottom line is… keep you eyes open to see what other women are making work, and borrow bits and pieces for yourself.