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Hair loss occurs when these falling human hair falls are not replaced with new one.And I shall speak about this kind of hair fall.Hair fall is something which is not determined by your nationality . Any people irrespective of their country will experience hairloss . Though diet changes and climatic conditions may affect your hair fall rates ,This means that if your hair follicles are sensitive to DHT you go bald with aging .


Life human hair falls is about making more life.  Life-making is done early on.  Once the life-making and child-rearing periods have passed, the “purpose” of the individual is done.  Like 13 year Periodical Cicadas, what happens after the mating and sticking of eggs into tree roots is. . . the slow decline to death.


The primary mechanism for evolution is natural selection.  This human hair falls when a trait appears and that trait provides an advantage that results in there being more offspring because of the trait, resulting in the trait growing to dominance over many generations.  That means the trait either aids in the reproductive process or aids in keeping an organism alive up to and during the reproductive period.


It’s hard to prove an ‘evolutionary purpose’ so most writing on this topic will be speculation rather than science. Both men and women lose human hair falls due to the normal process of aging, and the purpose of aging cells is to prevent them from becoming cancerous. Female hair loss is much more diffuse, whereas male hair loss involves vertex and crown balding and is much more likely to create a tonsure effect.


In the case of hair loss and human hair falls, it’s more a result of unintended consequence rather than evolutionary reasons. Men possess specific enzymes that are responsible for the conversion of testosterone – which is the principal male sex hormone – into dihydrotestosterone, which is a hormone that, among other things, makes hair shorter and thinner.