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2017 hairstyles for long faces selection repair Yen was tender seconds change the perfect face

I believe that many hairstyles for long faces are unable to find a suitable hairstyle and distress, then in 2017 long face sister in the end for what kind of hair? Today, let me bring you several repair Yan was tender face long hair! Let you easily change seconds perfect face.


In fact, the hairstyles for long faces of the girls is quite suitable for short hair, natural black hair highlights the girls white skin color, natural vertical short hair, hair tail slightly within the softening of the facial lines, look Smart cute. Without adding any hot dye can show the most perfect hair.


Straight hairstyles for long faces in 2017 popular girls favorite, and this long hair tied into two lovely tails, brown hair tassel braided hair naturally fall on the shoulders, coupled with the air bangs With a good repair Yan showed a good face.


Very delicate of a hairstyles for long faces, with a short split Qi short bifurcated design just cover the girls forehead, a good girl will be a long face a lot of soft, free to loose in the shoulder, the stylish hair design The sun’s exposure, it is truly beautiful charming.


A simple and generous in the hairstyles for long faces, black natural hair color can highlight the girls white skin color, and hair only at the end of a little buckle inside the hot roll design, from the visual perfect to shorten the face effect, and then Coupled with the bangs with the girls face is small.


Long face sister is not suitable to stay too hairstyles for long faces, this will be more visually elongated face, and this must be the first choice in 2017 hairstyle, micro-volume hair elegant Smart, with the temperament of the bangs easily Can play the effect of repairing face-lift, temperament and fashion.