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Both the tide and the age of the boys Qi Liu Hai lid hair style

Both the tide and the age of the boys Qi Liu hood hair style pictures fresh struck, casually get a inside of the same paragraph, you can immediately change handsome handsome fresh meat!


Now popular “small fresh meat”, so why do not you close to the trend, cut a fashion and age-lined Qi Liu pan head hair style, so that they become more youthful vigor, so you will be more like!


Full of fluffy boys Qi Liu bark hair more tidal range, the upper layer of thick, thin design so that the whole hair has a certain sense of heavy, very solid, so that you can in any case can keep hair style neat.


Do not like the traditional type of Qi Liu pan head hair style? Then you try this little fresh full of Qi Liu pot head it! Originally neat bang after the cut immediately after the addition of a sense of the air, giving a very refreshing feeling, free to take care about the top, even more personality.


One looks very soft Meng Qi Liu Haihe head hair style curls are boys a major paralysis, even the bangs are rolled, exactly like Teddy’s hair, gives a very interesting and lovely feeling.


Completely neat Qi Liu Hai pan head more boring ah, we might as well a little hot roll, so she became more layered, and then do not change the shape of Qi Liu under the premise of the tail will be stroked in the same direction, so that the original flat Unpleasant hair style has become more distinctive, you can also hair for the hair nowadays red flax color, to ensure that the tide burst!


Five both the tide and the age of the boys Qi Liu Haihe hair style is now popular boys hairstyle, it is “small fresh meat,” the standard hair, how can you miss them?