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How exactly are hair extensions put in?


There are several different types of hair extensions, so how you put them in depends on the method, hairstyle and types of extensions.


A very popular method of attachment is still double sided tape.  This method originated with toupees and is quite effective and low costs.  Double sided tape allows the hair extensions to be attached in full wefts and relatively quickly.  When applied properly, the tape extensions lay flat, can be washed, blow dried and even heat styled.


Tape hair extensions can last for many weeks or even months, depending upon the quality of the tape, the type of hair (human, synthetic or mixed) used and the products used to cleanse, condition and style.


Wefts can be applied by braiding rows of your clients hair then sewing the wefts of hair to the rows of braids. hair extensions can be used to lengthen and thicken your hair, just thicken, and are great to simply add a punch of color or special effects like feathers and stripes. Extensions last anywhere from 2-5 months depending how your client takes care of them, how fast the hair grows as well as the hair texture.


Performing an hair extensions service takes the stylist 2-8 hours on average depending on the method and your clients needs. Getting certified is important so that you know how to properly use the product safely and confidently most extension companies offer certification, classes are a few hours to a couple of days.