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Why don’t humans have extensive hair like monkeys?

We are actually no less hairy than apes. The difference is in the coarseness and length of the extensions hair. Other than our head, facial, and pubic hair, we have relatively short fine hair. The hair on our arms is particularly fine while that on the face of the male tends to be rather stiff.

Running a extensions hair business can be rewarding, but you must make sure that you thoroughly vet your suppliers.  People don’t realize that it takes a lot more work to ensure your customers are satisfied.  You need to do a lot of research on the type of hair extensions that you want to sell, and you must make sure that your suppliers are selling you the RIGHT hair.  Too many suppliers are selling BAD hair extensions.  You can reach out to vendors on supplier sites like Alibaba, but you need to make sure that they are reputable.

The Internet has brought several good things to the lives of the people. Online shopping is one of them. The different fashion products that are in trend are easily available in these online shopping sites. Products such as the extensions hair are very popular in the recent times.

The best hair extensions are virgin extensions hair.  They have not been previously heat styled, color treated or chemically processed in any way.  With virgin hair, you can heat style the hair more.  But remember, it is still real, human hair, so the more you heat style it, the more damaged it will become (just like your own human hair).  Hair extensions are heat resistant to a certain extent though.  You can curl them, straighten them and blow dry them, just do it sparingly to ensure they last a really long time!