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How many types of human hair are used to make brazilian virgin wigs?



A wig maker can create a brazilian virgin wigs using different types of hair that vary in processing or ethnicity. Many wigs are made with hair that is derived from Eastern countries. Indian and Asian hair are commonly used for wig making. This hair can be cut, colored and styled into a variety of different wig types; however, the thicker feel of such hair types does not always appear natural on Caucasian ethnicities. European hair is often finer in texture, and, because it is more difficult to work with and obtain, it is the more expensive option.


Virgin hair lace front wigs or full lace wigs mean wigs made of virgin hair and manufactured with a mesh lace in front. The lace extends outside the hairline and reaches from one ear to the other.  The lace is deliberately kept longer than desired when making the brazilian virgin wigs. This allows them to be trimmed and fitted so as to create a new, false hairline. Virgin hair lace wigs have the lace on the front part only; therefore they cannot be styled into ponytails. These wigs give the scope for trying out a variety of hairstyles since the lace goes around the back, thereby creating a seamless hair line.


Wigs can be crafted with either synthetic hair or human hair types, but the latter tend to look the most natural. However, choosing a human hair wig over the synthetic variety is only one of many choices you will make when selecting or customizing a brazilian virgin wigs.


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The glue for lace front brazilian virgin wigs is applied on the forehead and the scalp so as to stick the lace to the wearer’s skin and create a seamless natural hairline. Since it is in constant contact with the wearer’s skin, the glue chosen should not be irritating to the skin. Virgin hair lace wigs are frequently preferred by celebrities since they are almost impossible to make out and, when properly applied, blend in seamlessly with the natural hairline.