Black Lolita Short hair to help you regain pure

Pure age you are the most youthful and lovely, but after getting older, that good time away from you farther and farther. To restore the innocence, perhaps from the cut a black loly hair Short hair began.


Pizza black in the Short hair is simple and pure, age, face, occupation and other conditions are not required, all the basic girls can hold live, and it can make you more fresh and fresh, but also with a bit pretty sense, no wonder Become one of the most popular hairstyles of the little lily now.


Lolita Short hair hair should avoid exaggeration, the main highlight is the lovely look, and this classic black hair color egg hair short hair is very Meng, ultra-short Qi Qi is not routine, so especially special, Liu Hai tail and egg rolls perm just contrast, the whole hair from start to finish are very well-behaved soft Meng’s feeling.


Ultra-short black Lolita wave head fashion, innocence, the thickness of the air caused by the bangs close to the trend, so that the original may be no wonder Lolita Short hair becomes more personality, the buckle of the hair tail is obviously thin, you can Will be in the ears, highlighting a bit domineering, the second change “overbearing Lolita”, called a contrast Meng ah!


The black and shoulders Short hair half-lined up, cute lily feeling immediately came out, after taking care and spread into the fireworks-like high horse tail shape special, very eye-catching, no blooming design for you to add a lot of fresh feeling Spring and summer when the barley this hair bag hair is 100% dry and neat!


Simple style, the appearance of fine black lolita Short hair type of the most wild, used in any crowd and occasion, the hot hair of the hot and hot air is now with the bangs up fashion just right, the whole hair light generous, very pure. Looking like it, you? This is a few black loly hair is your best assists, do not believe, because these are the best examples is not it?