Big face girls for short hair inventory, so you seconds from the big face smaller V face

Big face to be small V face to move the face, as long as you cut the hair on it! Then there is a large face girls for short hair inventory, how can you not collection?

This year is very popular sleep awake, just it is very suitable for big face girls, so Jojot strongly recommend you to a! Messy points and the length of sleep head and neck, partial bangs and slightly messy short hair perfect modification of your face, you can visually reduce the presence of a large face you a sense.


Partial wave of short hair This is enough to repair the face, and very fashionable, especially after the end of the buckle handle, the curved tail will help to modify your face to the neck line, so that your face instantly small.


Partial oblique long bangs are you cover the meat was thin a magic weapon, the short hair scalding after your hair is even more abundance and supple, paste the face value even better, and looks particularly stylish with wood!


With the classic Sassoon style short hair short and simple 37 points, vertical side of the long bangs and blooms effect of 100%, improve your face, even if the big face can easily become smaller V face.


Big face girls also have girls heart, also want to look Meng Meng da, since the case, then this air Qi Haibo wave short hair is really for you Oh! As long as you will tail tail cut out the shape of the buckle, it will be able to better shape your face, and will not highlight the shortcomings of your face.


Big face girls as long as the hair cut short hair, big face can easily become smaller V face, so please do not wait, and quickly put on their own hair for it!