2017 latest long hair straight hair pure and gentle

Straight hair Although there is no curly hair so sexy charming, but straight hair is still the most popular hairstyle in 2017.long hair straight to send people fresh and gentle feeling, is still as memorable. Here I bring you the latest long hair straight hair 2017 share, let you easily create a charming temperament!


1, a fresh and gentle black Liu Qi long straight hair, 2017 will be very popular this hairstyle, thin Qi Liu faintly see the eyebrows forehead. Black long hair naturally loose down, it is truly beautiful.


2, the side of the long straight hair is particularly suitable for women in the workplace Oh, 37 points Liu design, repair Yan and face-lift. Fashion long hair naturally fall and then shoulder. A kind of mature feminine.


3, chestnut hair color straight long hair style, set off a very white girl color. Coupled with a thick Qi Liu with, but also by age and elegant temperament. Showing the charm of the sun and full of fashion taste.


4, the long straight hair is not only simple and very temperament. Temperament in the sub-long hair with up, revealing a Xianqi. Very beautiful, but also by the age of the weapon !



5, a very special long straight hair, the second element of bangs and long hair with up, look cute and lovely. Mixed broken bangs, highlighting the unique personality of girls, both sides of the cheek short straight hair wrapped face, modified the face. So that the whole shape more trendy.


6, at first glance, such a long hair sweet and lovely people feel, Qi Liu design, even more sweet atmosphere, dark brown hair, is full of fashion sense, and then Zhaqi cute hair styling, more Is lovely bursting!

Pure and gentle temperament without losing the long straight hair you like it? In fact, simple and generous long hair can also be very charming Oh! Heart is not with the action now! Quickly choose a 2017 for their long hair straight hair.