1 minute long hair swap, shape 72 change from the beginning of the human hair wigs

Hand – woven scalp wig

Soft sister can sell Meng, set aside their own bangs, and human hair wigs perfect fusion, high-quality hair, let you easily do a Korean lady. At first glance is really into the second element of the world feel it.


Air bangs short straight hair bobo head

This human hair wigs with the hair, feel good, hand touch, smooth, slippery, but also very matte, better than their hair.


Romantic Peach Blossom Volume

Korean flavor is a long human hair wigs curly hair, looks very sexy rather feminine, it can be modified little face it. Free disk up, feel fairy down to earth ah!


Air Liu Hai wave long curly hair

Is not very heart Korea hot air sense of thin bangs, with a perfect degree of curly human hair wigs . Face-lift there is a very good repair effect, by age and wild.


Ms. handsome short hair bobo head

This human hair wigs style has the most fresh and stylish Japanese style, playful and highlights the personality, if with a heavy sense of the fringe, it will look lovely cute!


Korean air pear Liuhua pills head

Playful and cute, can be a good modification of our face. Modeling is human hair wigs based on their own face and want to cut the length of their own oh.


Long hand-woven long-haired face

One minute. Curly hair changes straight hair, a minute. The next second, and then change Liu! For really do not have the heart tossing his human hair wigs sister paper, wig is the world’s most concave shape of the existence!